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Our Billing Information

Please read through our policies for Insurance and Billing:

All Payments are due at the time of service. Payments can be made by cash, checks, debit cards, Mastercard, Visa and Discover.

For patients whose insurances we participate with, co-pays and coinsurance are required at the time of service.  Please check with our list of participating insurance companies to make sure yours is listed. Please make sure to list us as your providers if your insurance requires this.

For patients whose insurance we do not participate with, we require total payment for services at the time of service. We will still process claims for patients out of courtesy.

If you do not see your insurance on the lists provided, please call our business office to verify coverage.

For Cash Accounts, total payment for services is required at the time of service.

All Laser services and other aesthetic service will be Cash Pay only basis at the time of service.

Most Deductible plans will be billed out to your insurance and you will be billed once the insurance has processed your claim.  Payment will be required within 30 days of the insurance payment posted to your account. Your billing statement will have that information.

Obstetrical patients with Deductible plans will need to meet with our business office after their first obstetrical visit to determine their expected charges.  Our office will wait until after the patient delivers to bill for the “global” fee which covers all the patients’ prenatal office visits, the delivery and postpartum visits.  Charges for sick visits not associated with the pregnancy, ultrasounds and lab-work will be charged separately throughout the pregnancy and also subject to the deductible. Any changes in coverage during a pregnancy will be billed to the separate policies appropriately. The business office will work with our patients to outline a payment plan to satisfy our fees and have all charges paid within 60 days from their delivery,

Patients requiring surgery with Deductible plans will be required to pay their fees 60 days from the time the insurance processes the claim and notifies our office of the patient balance. Patients can call the business office to outline a payment plan to take care of this.

Any patient accounts with balances over 30 days will be charged a $5 finance fee for every month that the account remains delinquent.  Patients will need to either make payment or talk to the business office about making payment arrangements before they can schedule their next appointment.

Patients with over 90 days of inactivity in their accounts will be turned over to a collection agency and possible negative credit rating

Our office strives to make appointments for patients quickly and conveniently.  As a result we appreciate the same respect in return.  Patients who do not keep their scheduled appointments and fail to notify us are preventing us from serving other patients.  A $50 Missed Appointment fee will be applied to those accounts.

If your check is returned for insufficient funds, your account will be charged a $25 service fee for each returned check and you will be responsible for payment within 30 days.