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Pregnancy Ultrasounds

Amherst, NY

At our facility, we offer pregnancy ultrasound services and general gynecological ultrasound services for patients. If we cannot accommodate a patient’s schedule, we will refer our patients to one of the many reputable imaging services in the Buffalo, NY area. Having a great set of nurses and doctors to support your prenatal care is important, making Suburban Women’s Health Care your place to go to. Trust our staff or nurse practitioners for routine check ups and pregnancy ultrasounds. Our professional health care workers give their best attention and care to all of our patients in Amherst, NY.

Cervical Cancer Screening

It’s never too early to get tested or screened for cancer. At our facility, we prioritize your health to ensure all of our patients consider cervical cancer screening. Women over the age of 30 can test positive for cervical cancer. This cancer is caused by human papillomavirus or HPV. Young women take the HPV vaccine in their teen years to reduce their chances of contracting this cancer. When you reach your mid-twenties, its recommended to get a pap test or HPV test as a part of the cervical cancer screening process. If you or a loved one thinks it’s time to pursue a cervical cancer screening exam, please call our office today. We proudly serve and care for the women of Western New York including Amherst, NY.

When Are Pregnancy Ultrasounds Done?

First Trimester

• An early ultrasound is a routine part of prenatal care at 6 to 9 weeks • Determines the gestational age of the baby and estimate a due date • The fetal heartbeat will be confirmed • The number of fetuses will be determined • Ensures that the pregnancy is taking place where it’s supposed to (uterus)

Second Trimester

• Occurs between week 18 and week 22 of pregnancy • Routine second trimester ultrasounds are usually done in 2D • Gives a clear picture of the overall health of your baby • Shows how your baby is developing • Determines your baby’s sex

Third Trimester

• Occurs between week 24 and week 40 of pregnancy • Checks for congenital abnormalities • Examines the fetus for structural abnormalities • Monitors the levels of amniotic fluid • Determines if the fetus is getting enough oxygen • Measures the length of the cervix