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Patient Well Visits:

Suburban Women’s Healthcare offers comprehensive GYN exams to women at every stage of their life. Through pediatric gynecology we help young girls who may be encountering struggles on their way to puberty. We encourage teenage girls and college age women to become educated in staying healthy and making the safest choices. We offer guidance to women when choosing their birth control to find the best fit for their active lives. We look forward to following patients as they advance through their adult careers, especially allowing us the privilege in helping them with family planning and experiencing pregnancy and motherhood. We are there to offer counseling and recommendations when a woman has started menopause and may need help in hormonal control. We acknowledge the elderly woman who continues to come to us for her well visit each year and make sure she is staying healthy and comfortable in her later years.

For patients with problems or emergencies beyond their normal well visits, walk-in appointments are available from 7:30 am till 11:30 am daily. Walk-ins are for established patients only and times are based on designated availability.

Extended hours have also been added each week to accommodate patients who need later afternoon appointment times.

Annual Pap Smear & Cervical Cancer Screening Services in Amherst, NY

What is an Annual Pap Smear?

A pap smear is a test performed on a sample of cells from a woman’s cervix to check for any issues or abnormalities such as signs of cervical cancer. It is generally recommended that women should start receiving pap smear tests at the age of 21, typically as a part of an annual women’s health checkup or pelvic exam. As a woman, it is incredibly important to receive annual pap smears from your health provider as it is the best method to detect early signs of cervical cancer when it is most treatable. In addition, pap smears can sometimes also be used to test for HPV

Contact Suburban Women’s Health Care for Annual Pap Smear Services

If you have questions or feel that you would like to schedule an appointment for an annual pap smear, a women’s health check up, or any of our other services, we encourage you to contact our team of board certified women’s health physicians at Suburban Women’s Health Care.

We serve women in the Amherst, NY area with GYN exams, obstetrical care, and more through every stage of their lives, and cater our OB-GYN services according to their unique needs. Call us today to speak to a specialist or schedule an appointment!