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Buffalo, NY

Female Gynecologists Serving Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY is the second largest city in New York, which makes the need for doctors higher than in most areas. Our team at Suburban Women’s Health Care/PC is one of many offices that provide female gynecologist services for women in Buffalo, NY. Our services include prenatal care, pregnancy ultrasounds, laser hair removal, cervical cancer screening, diabetic teaching, and more. Contact our female gynecologists for more information or to schedule your first appointment!

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care is recommended for any pregnant woman to keep an eye on her health and the health of her baby. Each visit will involve checking the weight of the woman and grabbing a urine sample to check for anything unusual. Usually every other visit, a nurse will do a pregnancy ultrasound to look at the baby and check their growth. In addition to that, a doctor or a nurse will check in with the mother and make sure she is doing well. Call Suburban Women’s Health Care/PC today if you are looking for prenatal care in the Buffalo, NY area. We hope to hear from you soon.

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