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Tonawanda, NY

Female Gynecologist and Obstetrics Serving the Tonawanda, NY Area

Located just outside the inner-city lines of Buffalo, Tonawanda is home to approximately 15,000 people. Discovered and incorporated in 1836, the town of Tonawanda gained popularity amongst the completion of the Erie Canal, allowing several settlers to build the town with businesses and residencies. Today, Tonawanda provides its residents and their families with a bit more of a suburban feel to come home to. With several parks, restaurants, playgrounds, and stellar school districts, Tonawanda, NY has become one of the top areas for parents to settle down and begin raising their families.

If you and your partner are looking to start a family of your own, our female gynecologists at Suburban Women’s Healthcare are eager to accept new patients requiring prenatal care, pregnancy ultrasound appointments, and answer all abnormal bleeding and vaginal discharge questions. Reach out to one of our trusted physicians with any pregnancy or prenatal care questions!

Contact Us Today with All Gynecological Needs in the Tonawanda, NY Area!

No matter if you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or looking to avoid pregnancy for the foreseeable future our dedicated physicians and nurses prioritize providing our patients with the support and knowledge they need to continue healthy female gynecological practices. We accept all age groups including pre-teen patients learning about vaginal discharge and the stages of puberty, teenagers and young adults experiencing abnormal bleeding or searching for an effective method of contraception, or women experiencing the onset of menopause. Call us today to inquire about becoming one of our respected patients.