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13 Mar


What To Expect During Your First Pregnancy Ultrasound

March 13, 2019 | By |

The first ultrasound, also known as a sonogram, is a special milestone in any pregnancy, and typically occurs around week 8 of your first trimester. Anything before week 8 is typically too small to see at that point.

First Trimester Ultrasound: Why It’s Necessary

During your first exam, your OB-GYN will:

-Confirm pregnancy and check for multiple pregnancies
-Check your baby’s heartbeat
-Determine the gestational age of your baby and estimate your due date
-Ensure that your fallopian tubes and ovaries are healthy

We typically ask that you come to your first pregnancy ultrasound with a full bladder. This is because sound waves travel best through liquid, so having a full bladder can help the overall quality of your ultrasound. As we get into the second and third trimester, you’ll have more amniotic fluid, so having a full bladder won’t matter as much.

Does an Ultrasound Hurt?

The exam won’t hurt, although the gel used may temporarily feel cold on your abdomen. You can best prepare for the ultrasound by wearing two-piece clothing that you feel comfortable in.

After the Ultrasound

Once we’re finished with the sonogram, you’ll be able to schedule your next one, which will take place approximately around 16-20 weeks. However, in special cases, or if you suffer from or have a family history of a chronic illness like diabetes or ovarian cysts/fibroids, you may require additional ultrasounds throughout your pregnancy.

If you are unsure of when or how often you should have an ultrasound during your pregnancy, please feel free to consult with our staff here at Suburban Women’s Health Care in Amherst, NY. Helping women through pregnancy and into motherhood is something we take very seriously, and we look forward to helping you receive the quality obstetrical care you need. Call today!