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01 Jun


Reasons You Should Visit the Gynecologist

June 1, 2023 | By |

The thought of visiting the gynecologist may seem nerve-wracking, but regular checkups are critical to staying healthy. You may be wondering when is a good time to go to the gynecologist. Check out the following section to learn more about some of the top reasons to schedule an appointment with an OBGYN.

Annual Exam

One of the most common reasons that people start visiting the OBGYN is to get an annual exam. The appointment consists of a pelvic exam, pap smear, and breast exam. If the doctor notices any unusual symptoms or abnormalities, they may order further testing. An annual exam is key to preventing symptoms from worsening and catching cancers in their early stages.


Whether you’ve already received a positive result from a pregnancy test, or you’re having pregnancy symptoms, an OBGYN will be able to properly confirm it. As with any pregnancy, proper prenatal care and treatment are necessary to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy and delivery process. For high-risk pregnancies, an OBGYN will be able to help you develop a pregnancy plan that fits your specific healthcare needs.


Another critical reason to visit the gynecologist is to check for STDs. Whether you’re certain that you’ve been sexually active with someone with an STD, or you’re showing the signs of an STD, it never hurts to get checked. Some common signs of an STD are unusual vaginal discharge, odor, sores, and itchiness. While many STDs cause symptoms, there are also some that stay dormant so it’s possible to have one and not know it. Getting regular STD testing will ensure that you’re staying safe and healthy.

Birth Control

Researching all the different types of birth on your own can be very overwhelming. A gynecologist will be able to sit with you and go over all the options. They can help you weigh the pros and cons to help determine the best option for your health and lifestyle.


If you’re noticing changes in vaginal discharge, itchiness, or burning while urinating, it’s time to see a gynecologist. There are many different types of infections out there so it’s important to treat the issue properly. An OBGYN will be able to diagnose the issue quickly and develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

Period Issues

While many people have periods, not everyone experiences them the same. Some may have completely regular cycles. While others may have painful, heavy, or irregular periods. It’s important to discuss these menstrual changes with your gynecologist, as they could be a sign of an underlying issue.

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